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500 Calories Meals Fast & Easy to Prepare

500 calorie meals

When we talk about 500 calories meals, they are actually meals that are about 500 calories or less. In this article were are going to discuss 9 meals for 500 calories, two meals each day. You can actually use a calorie calculator because it’s extremely easy to get a calorie calculator. So yeah. These days …

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Vegas Bomb Recipe

Vegas bomb recipe

Just like other bomb cocktails such as a shake bomb, the drink is served as a single shot and a glass of energy drink alongside it particularly Red Bull. Vegas bomb is a cocktail made from a royal flush shot and an energy drink. The drinker drops the shot into the glass and drinks the …

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Florida Water Recipe

florida water recipe

The first time or hearing Florida water you might think that Florida water is water from Florida in the southern United States but surprisingly it isn’t. And if it isn’t why is it called Florida water?  What is Florida water? What does it do? Where does it come from?. I know questions like that should …

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