How to Use Unripe Plantain Recipe as Medicine

A lot of people consider plantain as just food and a major source of vitamins, fiber, and minerals. However, there are different ways on how to use unripe plantain recipe as medicine.

This depends on how it is prepared and served, in this article, all steps on how to prepare and use unripe plantain as medicine is listed in detail.


Nutritional Content of Plantain

Nutritional content available in plantain are Tannins, ezigenol, tyramine, high tannins content in plantain and unripe fruit has antibiotics.

Activity in the ripe fruits and peel, other chemical constituents are alkaloids steroikel lactones and iron (3). A meal of unripe plantain with local spices like onions, garlic, and ginger could be the answer to erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, ulcer, kidney problems, diabetes, and high blood pressure. 

Unripe Plantain cooked or roasted has been proven over the years to induce, sustain, and maintain an erection.

It also helps to make semen thick and increases sperm volume. If you wish you can eat it with vegetable soup.

The ripe plantain fruit can be used to treat indigestion. Mash some ripe plantain to make a paste, take one tablespoon twice daily “according to Rev. Fr. Anselem Adodo, Directions, Pax Herbal Clinic, and Research Centre Ewu, Edo State.

How to Use Unripe Plantain Recipe as Medicine
How to Use Unripe Plantain Recipe as Medicine

Health Facts About Unripe Plantain

According to Rev. Fr. Adodo “Take more plantain or unripe bananas they help to rejuvenate the sexual organ with a high level of potassium. Include garlic and ginger in every meal.

As you know garlic generally is a good antioxidant and a good remedy for impotence in particular. While ginger has healing properties to treat erectile dysfunction.

Also include onions as much as possible in all your meals. It has been taken fresh by ancient Greece to lighten the balance of blood and to firm their muscles.

According to “medical uses of fruits and vegetables” written by Mr. OlalekanJagun, unripe plantain contain a special dietary fiber called pectin, which increases the number of calorie indigestion thus can shed weight or treat obesity.

Researchers by alternative medical practitioners have shown that people experiencing frigidity, sterility, and most especially very cold sexual drive may not necessarily need to take drugs like Viagra, but natural diets like plantain.

Although some herbal doctors call it a natural remedy for weak penile erection, but many other neuropathies say it should not be regarded as Viagra because of Viagra’s negative interpretation. s
They say it is only a libido-enhancing natural therapy that has no dangerous effect on body organs like the heart as that Viagra.


Researchers have shown that co-treatment of an extract of the root of plantain streptozotocin in the treatment of diabetic rat resulted in a significant correction in the level of sex organ relative weights, serum insulin and testosterone levels, sperm count and viability, androgenic enzyme activity.

Antioxidant enzyme-conjugated diene and thiobarbituric acid reactive substance levels in testis and germ cells count at stage vil of the somniferous epithelial cycle.
The result of the study published in the Journal of herbs, spices, and medical plant support the validity of plantain for the management of diabetes as well as diabetes-induced testicular disorder.

How does plantain boost sexual performance, reduce impotence, unsatisfactory erection, sexual weakness, and increase sex drives including women you may ask?

The answer is that only unripe plantain is required for this purpose.



Unripe plantain (fresh unripe plantain with the peel remove) pure honey cloves and walnuts will be ground, mashed, or pound together to make a gel or paste, after this, the gel will be sun-dried to form a cake or flakes.
During sun drying, the materials should be protected with an iron mosquito net from flies once totally dried and have become a flake.
It has become a “drug” referred to as sex enhancing drug capable of improving penile early or premature ejaculation in men during sexual intercourse.
Nigerian researchers have also shown the blood sugar-lowering potential of unripe plantain according to Musa paradisiacal (Musaceae) published in experimental clinical pharmacology by J. A. Ojewole and Co. Adewumi. Adodoalso wrote in Pak Herbal Magazine.
The green leaf of plantain is very useful in treating diabetes. Simply boil the fresh leaves in water. Drink glassful twice daily however, pregnant women should not take this preparation, as it is capable of stimulating the uterus, thus promoting miscarriages.
The whitish fluid that shows when plantain leaf is art is very effective for treating wounds, especially fresh wounds.
The juice stops the flow of blood very quickly. He also said the sap is present in every part of the plant by piercing any part of the plant especially the trunk.

How to Get the Sap

Cut the trunk of plantain into pieces, pound the pieces in a mortar then squeeze out the juice, what you have is a potent herbal juice with half bottle of honey.
This preparation can be used for nervousness, epilepsy, dysentery, ulcer, skin infections (apply external)
Note: If you are using for quick relief of nervousness and hysteria, it calms the system and promotes sleep. Drink 2 tablespoons twice daily.

How to Use Unripe Plantain as Medicine

Epilepsy – 2 tablespoons thrice daily

Dysentery – 2 tablespoon twice daily

  • Adodo said plantain root is also very good for a number of illnesses “cut some plantain in root into pieces and pound in a mortar.
  • Press out the juice and throw the chaff away.
  • Mix the half bottle of honey with one bottle of the juice. 

Once again what you have is a great medicine let call it plantain root solution (PRS).

Do you know that prostate cancer is on the increase and orthodox medicine has nothing to offer except surgical operation which is of little value? Does that mean there is always hope?

In fact, there is no hopelessness in natural treatment. PRS is of great help in reducing prostate ailments. Drink 3 tablespoons of PRS thrice daily.

Diabetes: two tablespoons thrice daily.

PRS is also used to treat venereal diseases like gonorrhea and syphilis. If you know anyone who is suffering from any or all of the various forms of venereal diseases, then I have good news for you.

PRS is the hidden solution to this problem. Drink 3 tablespoons, twice daily. PRS for 2 months will eradicate chronic gonorrhea and staphylococcus.

For syphilis, continue the medication for four months. Venereal diseases take time to cure, so do not think that you can eradicate them overnight.

Plantain Leaf is another part of the plantain that is very medicinal. It is very good for skin rashes and burns as well as convulsions.

Grind some plantain leaves into powder with half coca-cola bottle of palm kernel oil or vegetable oil and apply it to the whole body.

The peels of both ripe and unripe plantain cure for stomach ulcers.

Dry the peels and grind to ashes mix one teaspoon of the powder with some honey then lick.
Do this twice daily, plantain helps the proper functioning of the nervous system: it calms the nervous system and promotes sound sleep.
Drink half a glassful of unripe plantain juice twice daily for optimal benefit. Use a juice extractor to get the juice.

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